Saturday, December 20, 2008

Prettige Kerstdagen en beste wensen voor 2009!

For the IF'ers, here is what the voices say (from left to right):

[in Ostend dialect] "Are there lobsters (on the menu)"

[with West-Flemish accent] "Best wishes"

"Happy Christmas"


joseph's art and stuff said...

I always wondered what they were saying... great illustration!

Anonymous said...

jôôt tsiender uut Canada. mô opa vraagt onder genoeg goan zieh.
Beste wenschen uut Overiesche
tante sofie

carla said...

That's great!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Leuke illustratie. Ik vind meeuwen helemaal geweldig!
Fijne feestdagen!

Rebecca Dauwe said...

Aan tante sofie:
't is toch wel t'oopn dander henoeg hon zie wi.
Beste wenschen an heil de familie vanut Vancouver.

To everybody: thanks for your comments,
best wishes!

indigene said...

This is so cute and thank you for the language translation, too! :)

Sara said...

The seagull at the back is my favourite!